The 1st Global Digital Startup Accelerator Tackles the 2030 SDG In Haiti

In 2016, The Global Startup Ecosystem launched digital accelerators across 7 regions- Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. Within 6 months, 300 companies graduated from the innovative program and 700 more will continue with the network in 2017. Out of 100 companies, 3 per region are selected per region to demo[…]

How Two Founders Launched the 1st Digital Startup Accelerator in 7 Regions around the World

  As Featured in Huffington Post.  Prior to the launch of Y- Combinator in 2005, entrepreneurs had to figure out their startup development journey on their own. There were no mainstream startup blueprint programs aside from the theoretical ones offered in business schools. Today there are over 400+ accelerators around the world and they are[…]