Haiti Launches the World’s First National Digital Accelerator

[October 10, 2017- Port au Prince] Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)  will launch a series of national digital accelerator programs next year and kicks off 2017 with Haiti.  As the first and fastest growing digital accelerator in the world, GSE seeks 100 local and international innovators for the 2017 Haiti Digital Accelerator which will be facilitated by over[...]

Call for Entrepreneurs- Chivas Venture $1 Million Dollar Prize

October 10, 2017, London, UK- The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is pleased to announce Chivas venture’s 2015 USA alum- Christine Souffrant Ntim’s invitation call for entrepreneurs. As preparation for the Chivas Venture application, GSE has a free digital accelerator program for applicants. The 2017 accelerator dates are: Caribbean October 17-19, Africa October 24-26, Europe October 30- November 1st, America November 7-9, Middle[…]