December 19, 2016


Global Startup Ecosystem

“Leveraging Digital Accelerators to Build Startup Ecosystems”

Who? Global Startup Ecosystem is the first and largest digital accelerator network in the world with a mission to digitize offline startup ecosystems.

Why? The future is digital. Currently, 3 billion people are online and 75% spend their time on mobile devises. In the next few years, 4 billion people will join the online community. Entrepreneurship will play a major role in the lives of future generations and it is critical to have stable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Startup communities will leverage the web for cross collaboration, resources, and innovation. We aim to be the digital bedrock of this movement.

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What? Global Startup Ecosystem builds ecosystems on the basis of 3 basic pillars: Inform, Connect, Accelerate.


Inspiring Startup Ecosystems


Building Startup Ecosystems 

  • Monthly Meet Up Events: Where stakeholders connect to share insights on the state of a local startup ecosystem.
  • Quarterly Boot Camps: w/ BrandEntrepreneurs (Partner) covering: Personal Branding, Product Hacking, Growth Hacking, Press Hacking, Funding Hacks
  • Annual Tech Summits:  Haiti Tech Summit (Caribbean), Ghana Tech Summit (Africa) TBA, Dubai Tech Summit (Middle East) TBA, Global Startup Ecosystem Digital Summit- Every year we culminate all annual programming with the digital summit featuring 100 global speakers and 1000+ attendees. RSVP.
  • Annual Startup Ecosystem Expos: A 1-day event bringing all top programs, accelerators, incubators, and event coordinators to share insights on their offerings for entrepreneurs.


Scaling Startup Ecosystems
  • (Regional) Startup Digital Accelerators: Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, America, and Asia. (Hosted for 100 companies annually) Apply now. 
  • (Public) Government Digital Accelerators: Customized online accelerator programs where governments can accelerate innovation within their city, state or country.
  • (Private) Corporate Digital Accelerators: Customized online accelerator programs where corporations can access disruptive startups that can be aquired or scaled to global markets.
  • (Private) Industry Digital Accelerator: Ai Startup Ecosystem, Space Startup Ecosystem