December 19, 2016


Global Startup Ecosystem


“Leveraging Digital Accelerators to Build Startup Ecosystems”

About: The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): hosts the largest 3-day digital accelerator program for startups across 7 global regions (Africa, America, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East). The company is a pioneer in digital startup hacking programs and offers customized accelerator packages for institutional entities such as universities, corporations, and governments. Follow regional networks for the Caribbean, Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and America 

Mission: To accelerate innovation via digital programming. The future is digital. Currently 3 billion people are online and 75% spend their time on mobile devises. In the next few years, 4 billion people will join the online community. Entrepreneurship will play a major role in the lives of future generations and it is critical to have stable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Startup communities will leverage the web for cross collaboration, resources and innovation. We aim to be the digital bedrock of this movement.

Pilot Case Study: GSE piloted the concept of a 3 day accelerator program in the Caribbean to source exceptional entrepreneurs from Haiti. The call for applications created a viral buzz with 1000+ signups via social media. 100 companies were selected from 13 countries across the Caribbean. Entrepreneurs from other markets also submitted their application for the program. Due to the global reach of the application submissions, GSE piloted the same program structure in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia immediately after. Within 6 months 500 companies across 63 countries completed the digital accelerator program.

Global Ecosystem Development: GSE goes beyond is digital accelerator programs to build startup ecosystems around the world. The following are a list of the top programs and initiatives that GSE offers in over 20+ countries.

  • Regional Tech Summit Festivals: 3-day startup events brining global innovators in emerging frontier markets. Current markets include Haiti (Caribbean), Ghana (Africa), Dubai (Middle East), TBA (Asia, America, Europe, Latin America)
  • Startup Hacking Boot Camps: 1-day boot camps teaching entrepreneurs and innovators top startup hacking strategies. Topics include but are not limited to: funding, press and marketing, product development, ideation, customer acquisition etc.
  • Startup Ecosystem Summit: 1 day summits bringing together the top 100 startup accelerators, incubators, corporate partners and influencers to share top programs and initiatives. 100+ entrepreneurs are invited to engage in intimate conversations via industry round table discussions.
  • Startup Ecosystem Expo: A 1-day event bringing all top programs, accelerators, incubators, and event coordinators to share insights on their offerings for entrepreneurs.