December 23, 2016

Call For Speakers


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Sign up to be a speaker. We provide 5-10 minute slots for investors, reporters and startup influencers to share top tactics and insights.

  • Entrepreneurs who can share insights on how to build great companies.
  • Influencers who have platforms that benefit entrepreneurs or can give trends and insights on local startup ecosystems.
  • Partners who have services to offer w/ a training workshop.

In an effort to connect entrepreneurs to global press, investors and customers, we launched regional digital accelerators online for 1000 entrepreneurs across 7 time zones. We’ve been featured in The Guardian, Inc Magazine and Forbes. 

The program was run in Latin America, Caribbean, and Middle East with over 300 companies in 2016. Over the next few months they will continue with our mentorship network and introduced to investors/press alike. It aims at revolutionising the region’s business ecosystem and positioning emerging markets  as a centre of innovation.

In 2017 we continue the program in 4 more regions:

  • Africa (Jan 9-10),
  • Europe (Jan 16-17)
  • Asia (Jan 23-24)
  • America (Jan 30-31)