Co-Founder of the World’s Largest Digital Accelerator-Einstein Ntim-Tours Africa Tech Hubs

Co-Founder of the World’s Largest Digital Accelerator Tours Africa Tech Hubs

Tour Dates

Kigali, Rwanda: June 24-28, 2017

Accra Ghana: July 3-10, 2017

Capetown South Africa: July 14-July 27, 2017

To inquire and have Einstein speak at your university, accelerator, or institution, email GSE press team at

Award-winning British – Ghanian entrepreneur and startup ecosystem builder- Einstein is a world’s leading influencer on  AI, space, and exponential tech networks for emerging markets. As the founding partner at the (GSE)-the first and largest creator of digital online accelerators in emerging markets for startups, governments, and corporations- Einstein provides access to capital experts and speaks on topics covering entrepreneurship, AI, exponential technologies and emerging markets. As an influencer within startup networks in Silicon Valley, Europe, and Africa, Einstein sits on Singularity University’s Advisory Board for Inclusion, Ambassador of the British Council Generation UK, Draper University Ambassador and was selected into Ghana’s Future Leaders Under30.

The tour was sparked by an interest to bring Silicon Valley tactics to Africa tech hubs based on Ntim’s successful launch of Africa’s largest online accelerator– graduating 100 African startups in January 2017. The program is now consulting governments and corporations around the world on how to launch their own customized online accelerators and build exponential tech ecosystem.

The world’s first and largest digital accelerator program for Africa provides all tactics on product development, marketing, growth hacking, funding, press hacking and more. The next cohort launches in October 2017 with key speakers from Y-Combinator, Tech Stars, Facebook, Google, Draper University, Singularity University at NASA, and more.

The keynote sessions to be presented are “Global Startup Trends for Entrepreneurs” and “How to Leverage AI, VR and Exponential Technologies to Scale Your Company in the Future”. To sponsor future tours or to book Einstein Ntim to speak at your event, inquiries can be sent to the Global Startup Ecosystem team at .



Maggie Chin- Press Lead Secretary

Global Startup Ecosystem Team


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