February 19, 2017

Corporate Digital Accelerators

For fortune 500 VP, C-level Executives, Innovation Officers


There are over 4000+ accelerators in the world. While popular in nature, accelerators are a very costly investment. We help corporations save time and money by pilot testing a corporate online digital accelerator program that is unique to your brand and company objectives.

Part 1

Overview of Global Startup Ecosystems + Corporate Accelerator Landscape

Part 2

Learn how to build, scale and launch a corporate digital accelerator program

(source startup companies, partnerships, and funding)

Part 3

Demo Day Project

Create Your Pilot Blueprint: Digital Accelerator

All content will be recorded. Participants will receive recordings, database spreadsheets, ppt presentations, workbooks and a customized 1 hour consulting session. 

Global Startup Ecosystem

“Digital programs that spark startup ecosystems 

The future is digital. Currently, 3 billion people are online and 75% spend their time on mobile devises. In the next few years, 4 billion people will join the online community. Entrepreneurship will play a major role in the lives of future generations and it is critical to have stable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Startup communities will leverage the web for cross collaboration, resources, and innovation. We aim to be the digital bedrock of this movement.

Our global franchise offers both online and offline programs for startup stakeholders, particularly: entrepreneurs, governments, and corporations.