December 19, 2016

Digital Accelerator Network

Global Startup Ecosystem

“Leveraging Digital Accelerators to Build Startup Ecosystems”

Global Startup Ecosystem is the first and largest digital accelerator network in the world with a mission to digitize offline startup ecosystems.

Our Digital Accelerators: Are 2-3 day accelerator programs for a selection of 100 companies per region. 10 semifinalists are selected to demo night and 3 are selected as finalist winners.

In addition to the annual digital accelerator, we support startup ecosystems with the following digital programs:

  • Digital Startup Ecosystem Expo: A 1 day event bringing all top programs, accelerators, incubators, and event coordinators to share insights on their offerings for entrepreneurs.
  • Digital Round Table Meetings: Each quarter, the representatives of startup programs from each country are invited to share insights, issues, and updates to ensure collaboration. RSVP.
  • Digital Entrepreneur Keynote Series: Where successful entrepreneurs from all over the world share top 5 lessons on how they launched and scaled their companies. All events are hosted online and free. Submit Speaker Form. 
  • Digital Mentor Keynote Series: Where influencers, VC, press reporters and key individuals within the startup ecosystem share and teach entrepreneurs. Submit Mentor Form
  • Digital Entrepreneur Family & Friends Showcase: Where entrepreneurs invite their family and friends to hear them share their entrepreneurial journey and demo their product/service for support. Submit Entrepreneur Form. 
  • DigitalGlobal Startup Ecosystem Summit– a gathering of all 700+ top companies selected per region and 300+ influencers, reporters, investors and more! RSVP.