September 9, 2017

Digital Accelerators

GSE primarily provides online digital accelerator programs for startup ecosystems in different geographic regions, industry verticals, and impactful topic areas.  Our program targets entrepreneurs, creatives, industry innovators and academics of all background from all over the world.

How it Works:

  1. Apply Online: Our accelerator programs are offered throughout the year with rolling admission deadlines. Individuals and teams are welcome to apply to our programs via the appropriate application link. We do not accept emailed resumes, applications or inquiries.
  2. Await Decision: We send notifications to accepted participants on a rolling basis. Due to the volume of applicants received, we do not answer inquiries regarding application status.
  3. Orientation Welcome: Accepted participants will receive welcome email with log in links to join the program, cohort information, agenda and logistics details and insights on how to prepare for the program.

Who Can Apply:

Our program targets entrepreneurs, creatives, industry innovators and academics who seek to

  • Join a regional or city accelerator program to learn how to build and scale initiatives and businesses within that geographic area. Partners and speakers for these program are international influencers but have localized expertise. Apply now to a regional program.
  • Join a frontier tech, impact or industry accelerator program if you are interested in accessing specialized experts for these topic areas. These programs are usually customized by our digital lab partners. These verticals are extremely competitive and are announced throughout the year. You can apply to a program directly or sign up for alerts on program offering dates.
  • Join an institutional accelerator program if you are affiliated with that institutional network. Institutional programs are usually targeted towards the company’s employees, customers, students and/or affiliates.   You can apply to a program directly or sign up for alerts on program offering dates.


  • Convenience- login from anywhere in the world for an online accelerator program
  • Diversity-Network with an international cohort. Many of our regional programs features participants from over 20-40+ countries
  • Mentors-Access expertise from both local and  international speakers
  • Validation- selection into our program gives brand prestige to individuals/teams that need to apply to future accelerators, funding programs and competitions
  • Alumni network-Continuous mentorship and feedback for life. Once you graduate- you have access to our network database forever.
  • Investment- Pitch for investment capital from angels, VCs, foundations, and other sources to help your company grow
  • Travel- top graduate are offered sponsored access to global summits and local events