Echoing Green 2018 Call for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

You have a solution that will help your community thrive, an idea that will create new pathways to justice, or see a fresh opportunity where others only see obstacles.

We want you to succeed.

We know that the transformational leaders of tomorrow may not have all the answers today, but as the social impact sector’s leading talent scout we embrace bold ideas and are ready to invest in your success.

Who are we looking for?

This is the fellowship for innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels. We know that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not—which is why we invest in talent wherever it is. Our Fellows represent diverse ethnic, religious, and gender experiences, with varied educational, economic, and geographic backgrounds.

As we seek to build a diverse and inclusive social impact space, we particularly encourage applications from:

» Racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S., including Black, Latinx, and Native/Indigenous people
» Women
» LGBTQ communities
» Currently underrepresented U.S. cities, including Baltimore, Atlanta, Oakland, Detroit, Louisville, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Miami
» Currently underrepresented regions globally, including Latin & Central America and East Asia

(Why? Read How and Where We Recruit for New Talent MattersWhat Our Data Is Telling Us, and What Echoing Green Looks for in Startups.)

Apply via:

Apply to the World’s Largest Free Digital Accelerator (Online)

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)  returns with the 3rd annual digital startup accelerator for entrepreneurs.  GSE’s free digital accelerator programs are open to all small businesses, startups, and freelancers. Each application round is rolling admission until the top 100 are selected to complete the program. The program is FREE. Only 100 companies will be accepted!  The 2018 accelerator dates are:

  • America (October 16,17,18 @ 6pm-9pm EST)
  • Asia (October 22,23,24 @ 6pm-9pm India Time  )
  • Europe (October 29,30,31@ 6pm-9pm  London Time)
  • Middle East (November 4, 5, 6 @ 6pm-9pm Dubai Time)
  • Latin America (November 6,7,8 @6pm-9pm Brazil Time)
  • Caribbean (November 12,13,14 @6pm-9pm Haiti Time)
  • Africa (November 13, 14, 15 @6pm-9pm  Ghana Time)

Speaker, partnership and sponsorship inquiries can be directed to the GSE team via

Each regional program features 10-15 global experts, 10 workshop sessions and 100 free resources and links to propel your company. The program agenda includes the following topics:

  • Ideation & Product Hacking- How to create a website and app in 30 days 
  • Customer Acquisition- How to get your first 10,000 users 
  • Marketing – How to scale with press and media hacks 
  • Business Development- How to build a sustainable business model

Check out previous accelerator programs via 

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