September 9, 2017

Ecosystem Experiences

GSE goes beyond its digital accelerator programs via its GSE Innovation Experience Initiatives and events.


The GSE Innovation experience is truly a unique one. From international tech summits that rally a nation to network and collaborate on the beach to localized boot camps that teach some of the most creative startup hacks of the century- the GSE Innovation experience is a core part of our ecosystem development efforts.

The following are a list of the top programs and initiatives that GSE offers in over 20+ countries.

  • GSE Startup Experience (Country Tech Summit): 3-day startup events bringing global innovators to emerging frontier markets. Current markets include Haiti (Caribbean), Ghana (Africa), Dubai (Middle East), TBA (Asia, America, Europe, Latin America)
  • GSE Startup Experience (Boot Camp): 1-day boot camps teaching entrepreneurs and innovators top startup hacking strategies. Topics include but are not limited to: funding, press and marketing, product development, ideation, customer acquisition etc.
  • GSE Startup Experience (Ecosystem Summit): 1-day summits bringing together the top startup accelerators, incubators, corporate partners and influencers to share top programs and initiatives. 100+ entrepreneurs are invited to engage in intimate conversations via industry round table discussions. These summits also serve as a platform to share top stories of innovation from different countries to inspire development in certain regions. As a result, there is a huge emphasis on industry training, workshop facilitation, and cross border intellectual exchange.
  • GSE Startup Experience (Ecosystem Tours): GSE hosts several ecosystem tours from 5-14 to top innovation hubs around the world with its most popular destination being Silicon Valley.