February 19, 2017

Global Events

Global Ecosystem Development: GSE goes beyond is digital accelerator programs to build startup ecosystems around the world. The following are a list of the top programs and initiatives that GSE offers in over 20+ countries.

  • Regional Tech Summit Festivals: 3-day startup events brining global innovators in emerging frontier markets. Current markets include Haiti (Caribbean), Ghana (Africa), Dubai (Middle East), TBA (Asia, America, Europe, Latin America)
  • Startup Hacking Boot Camps: 1-day boot camps teaching entrepreneurs and innovators top startup hacking strategies. Topics include but are not limited to: funding, press and marketing, product development, ideation, customer acquisition etc.
  • Startup Ecosystem Summit: 1 day summits bringing together the top 100 startup accelerators, incubators, corporate partners and influencers to share top programs and initiatives. 100+ entrepreneurs are invited to engage in intimate conversations via industry round table discussions.
1.GSE Regional Tech Summit Festivals:
  • Haiti Tech Summit (Caribbean)
  • Ghana Tech Summit (Africa)
  • Dubai Tech Summit (Middle East)
  • TBA (Asia)
  • TBA (Latin America)
  • TBA (Europe)
  • TBA (America)

2. GSE Startup Hacking Boot Camps 

  • Personal Branding Boot Camp
  • Product Hacking Boot Camp
  • Growth Hacking Boot Camp
  • Press Hacking Boot Camp
  • Funding Hacks Boot Camp
  • Ai Business Boot Camp
  • IOT Business Boot Camp
3. GSE Startup Ecosystem Summit:
  • New York (2017)