February 19, 2017


Global Ecosystem Development:

GSE goes beyond is digital accelerator programs to build startup ecosystems around the world. The following are a list of the top events that GSE offers.

Regional Tech Summits: 

The world’s leading 3-day innovation tech summit bringing 100 global speakers to emerging frontier markets. Each summit features keynotes and contributions from celebrities, heads of state, and tech leaders from companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Forbes, Fast Company, NY Times and more. Current markets include Haiti (Caribbean), Ghana (Africa), Dubai (Middle East), TBA (Asia, America, Europe, Latin America).

Startup Hacking Boot Camps:

The ultimate 1-day boot camp teaching entrepreneurs and innovators top start-up hacking strategies on funding, press, marketing, product development, ideation, customer acquisition etc. Each boot camp welcomes 100-500 founders for an epic day of inspiration, insight, and resources.

Bootcamp topics include: Personal Branding Boot Camp, Product Hacking Boot Camp, Growth Hacking Boot Camp, Press Hacking Boot Camp, Funding Hacks Boot Camp, Ai Business Boot Camp, and IOT Business Boot Camp.

Startup Ecosystem Summits:

The only 1-day summit that trains startup ecosystem stakeholders and industry leaders on how to innovate and accelerate entrepreneurial communities. Ecosystem summits bring together the top 100 startup accelerators, incubators, corporate partners and influencers to share top programs and initiatives.

100+ entrepreneurs are invited to engage in intimate conversations via industry round table discussions.