February 19, 2017

GSE Startup Hacking Boot Camps

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Our Story: The founder, Christine Souffrant Ntim was tired of going to multiple events to get the tactics and strategies needed to scale a company effectively. Furthermore, it was obvious that the founders she met at these events were struggling to earn credibility with building their business because they did not have strong personal brands. On July 2016 she posted an Eventbrite link stating that she will teach all of her strategies in building a company while building a personal brand in one day. Within a week, the event surpassed 460+ registrations. Her husband Einstein Ntim added mental health entrepreneurship and exponential technology topics to the core program offerings to prepare entrepreneurs for the future. Within 6 months the company reached over 2000+ entrepreneurs in 6 global cities. These startup hacking boot camps are now a part of the Global Startup Ecosystem network.

Our Services: 

  • Personal Branding Boot Camps: Entrepreneurs are taught all of the top strategies to build, scale and monetize their brand.
  • Ultimate Business Boot Camps: Entrepreneurs are taught all stages of startup development (funding, beta testing, product development, customer acquisition, legal, marketing, press, team building, social impact, partnerships and more).  We teach in 15-minute workshop formats followed by a panel of experts to provide different perspectives on each stage of business development. Topic Business Boot Camps: Social Impact Business Boot Camp, Product Development Boot Camp, Pitch Boot Camp, Marketing Boot Camp, Funding Boot Camp.
  • Ultimate Exponential Tech Business Boot Camp: For entrepreneurs interested in integrating future technologies into their business model.  Ai Business Boot Camp, Space Business Boot Camp, IOT Business Boot Camp.