Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Launches Her Future Accelerator – the World’s First Digital Personal Branding Career Accelerator for Women.

The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is pleased to announce the Her Future Accelerator – the world’s first digital personal branding career accelerator for women. The program is designed to engage, train, and prepare women for business disruption and digital careers. From personal branding strategy to remote career planning to mental resilience coaching- the program will be a historic experience with the aim of galvanizing the next generation of future female industry pioneers. 1 million women will be trained over the next decade via this program. 

Apply via: https://forms.gle/FFEY92U9q5NPbocNA 


In a time of exponential change and disruption, the 2020 global pandemic has launched the world’s largest global real time experiment centered around digital livelihood and remote work. Women have historically been marginalized across various industries and with tech quickly becoming a powerful equalizer, this program is designed to empower women with the training, resources, and network needed to accelerate their careers. The 4 week program will include 4 content tracks which include the following: 

  • Personal Branding Strategy (How to build and monetize a personal brand in the digital age)
  • Career Development Strategy (How to build a remote work digital career )
  • Business Development Strategy (How to build a resilient remote business in the digital world)
  • Mental Health and Resilience (How to prioritize balance, happiness and well being in a digital world) 

With the successful launch of the iconic Her Future Summit in March 2020 featuring 100 speakers, 3600 digital delegates and 4 million media impressions, the Global Startup Ecosystem returns with this 4 week program that will select women from around the world working in diverse careers to prepare them for the future.The Her Future Summit aims to identify, train, and empower the next generation of female pioneers. The Her Future Summit series was launched in to accelerate humanity’s success with Sustainable Development Goal #5- Gender Equality and has quickly become the fastest growing platform for women in tech. With a followup accelerator program, women will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. 

Applications close September 28th and program starts on October 1st, 2020. Apply now. 

For partnerships and sponsorship inquiries, please contact the team via hello@globalstartupecosystem.com . 

The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Returns with It’s 5th Annual Digital Accelerator With a Focus on Career Development

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)  returns with the 5th annual digital  accelerator program with a focus on career development, personal development and business development tracks to prepare participants for a digital future.  The 4 week intensive program will feature speakers from around the world who will train on strategy that prepares both entrepreneurs and career professionals for a digital remote world. Accepted participants will receive $250k in free perks and prizes from Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, DigitalOcean, Sendgrid and Zendesk.  Apply now via our google doc form

The GSE digital accelerator program is  open to all small businesses, corporate professionals, startups, and freelancers. Each application round is rolling admission until the top 100 are selected from each of the 7 regions that GSE covers in and Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East. The remaining 300 are selected from partner programs within our network.  In total 1000 companies will be selected for the cohort. From the final cohort, 10 per region will be selected to pitch investors and influencers on demo day. The top 3 startups are announced at the conclusion of the program to receive partner prizes, media features, and potential investment.

Startups can apply for admission to the GSE digital career accelerator on a rolling basis between August 10th- August 28th. The program is free. No equity ask. No obligation.

The 2020 accelerator dates are:

  • September 1st  Tuesday 12-2pm Orientation + Intro Bootcamp 
  • September 3rd Thursday 12pm-2pm  Intro to Future Tech via Nano Tech Summit 
  • September 8th Tuesday 12-2pm Career Bootcamp 
  • September 15th  Intro to Future Tech via Ai Tech Summit Thursday 12pm-2pm
  • September 10th Tuesday 12-2pm Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 
  • September 17th Thursday 12-2pm  Future Tech via VR Tech Summit Thursday 12pm-2pm
  • September 22nd Tuesday 12-2pm Personal Branding & Mental Resilience Bootcamp 
  • September 24th Thursday 12-2pm  Future Tech via Blockchain Tech Summit Thursday 12pm-2pm
  • September 30th Wednesday Global Investment Summit & Demo Day Graduation 

The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is the world’s first and largest digital accelerator platform. The program has scaled rapidly with 500 companies across 63 countries completing the program in 2016 and 750 companies across 91 countries completing the program in 2017 and 1000 companies completing the program in 2018 with the same cohort size completing the program in 2019.  With over 140 global partners, GSE continues to lead the digital accelerator industry as it has now hosted customized accelerator programs for governments and corporate entities such as Forbes Magazine. 

For Speaker, partnership and sponsorship inquiries, please direct them to the GSE team via hello@globalstartupecosystem.com. You can also follow the host of the program and CMO at GSE – Christine Ntim on Linkedin via https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinentim/

200 Young Professionals Selected for the 1st Haiti Digital Career Accelerator

Earlier this year, we announced a major commitment to tackle unemployment in Haiti with the launch of this multi year initiative. The Haiti Accelerator (Career Edition) is Haiti’s first and only national digital accelerator program created to train and develop Haitians for the digital economy of the future. Selected participants undergo a multi week digital training program, career development coaching and remote internship experience that will equip them to work with top local companies in Haiti or remotely with international companies. 

This program is free at no charge to selected participants. Top candidates at the end of July will be able to move forward to the second phase of the program and do remote internships. Internship placements will be at any of our 100+ partner network of local Haitian businesses, diaspora businesses or global corporate partners such as (Google, AWS, etc). 

We are launching a $10,000 fundraising campaign next week to support those within the program who can not afford to work remotely due to lack of access to internet, office tools, and private space. Sign up to be a patron and support  this initiative here. Please note that we are matching the funds raised by investing $10,000 of our funds and resources into the program. The campaign will go live for patrons to support from the global community.  

Congratulations to the selected cohort for this historic program: 

  1. Marthe Garly L. Remy
  3. Marly Matheus
  5. John Stuvens Labonte
  6. Jean Jovenel
  7. Grégory Henderson Lefruit
  8. Medginah Lynn ALEXANDRE
  9. Stéphane Romuald BLANC
  10. Stephanie THOMAS
  11. Baptiste Amédée Erns
  12. Mackenley B Hyppolite
  13. Newchda D. Oreus
  14. Eberd JEAN
  15. SYLVERNE Sophonie
  16. David Antoine
  17. Nedgine Ducrepin
  18. St Cyr Nel-Ange
  19. Darnell Scott
  20. Djimmy Jn Baptiste
  21. Jean Kensle Figaro
  22. Holy-Elie Scaide
  23. Jodney Paul Alcime
  24. Wedly Djenee Lee BRUTUS
  25. Stanley Jean Pierre
  26. Thelius Stanley
  27. Lory Bloomy Louis
  28. Jackson Fleuristil
  29. Pierre Thierry Estellom
  30. Phontus Jabin
  31. Jean Marcucel Louis
  32. Paul Israël PETION
  33. Snaicah Sainval
  34. Oblandy Chéry
  35. Alexis Kely
  36. Beeverly Sabrina Adrien
  37. Mitchalchie Denia Gaspard
  38. Pierre Hervé
  39. Bereca Thelusca
  40. Andersen TRÉSILUS 
  41. Istevenson Moise
  42. Fredlet PIERRE LOUIS
  43. Wagly Sanozier
  44. Jerry DAMIER
  45. Sadrac Cineas
  46. Halfdanson JEAN
  47. Jude Zamor
  48. Julien Luckenson
  49. Jacquelin DURESTIL
  50. David MOLEUS
  51. Safrard Paulone ELOI
  52. Rosemie Joly
  53. Monise TELEMAQUE 
  54. BAZELAIS Chrismène
  55. Dany AUGUSTIN
  56. Constant Widler
  57. Jerry Stanley Destiné
  58. Anfredjina Jean-Baptiste 
  59. Emmanuella Esterminay 
  60. Brad Harvey GEORGES 
  61. Jimmy Beliard
  62. Petuel Placide
  63. Dieunet CERESTE
  64. Evens Metellus
  65. Jameson PIERRE-LOUIS
  66. Elie Samuel Xavier
  67. Dorelus Jeepson 
  68. Junior PLANCHE
  69. Kechena Louis
  70. Ricardo Paul
  71. Djounia Saint-Fleurant
  72. Valmy Pierre
  73. Steve BELLEFLEUR
  74. Talcide Mackendy
  75. Gabriel CICERON
  76. Larose Estinvil St Marc Joseph
  77. JEAN-FELIX Rikengy 
  78. Sonel Jean
  79. Ricotson Junior Hilaire 
  80. Djimy Vales
  81. Mackenzy Forges 
  82. Rogenel Moliere
  83. Francklin Gentillon
  84. Paulinx Gedeus
  85. Vildens Dorvilier
  86. Gitz-ny THIMOTHÉE
  87. Ferlando Jocelin
  88. Hedil Corgelas 
  89. Junior Delphin
  90. Calvin Mondésir 
  91. Samuel Darius
  92. Eberd Jean
  93. John kerry Millien
  94. Desir Wenel
  95. Audigé Ben-Diego Adamsky
  96. Jacques Stephane Merzier
  97. Parvel Melec Arestil
  98. Treizhiger Jean
  99. Maïtoulah Franck
  100. Marie LAGUERRE
  101. Adelbert Montilus
  102. Steevens Amenson Samuel Joseph
  103. Cindy Gazenor
  105. Ruth Francois
  106. Karl Asly OGÉ
  107. Yvelande Jeudy
  108. Jephthé Samuel GUERVIL 
  109. Jean Saint Fleur
  111. Marc Stevenson NÉPIUS
  112. Carrell Ardy Benjamin 
  113. Pascale Laura Jihane Alexandre
  114. André Junior Lainé
  115. Boaz Telfort
  116. Christian Charleston
  117. Audyl Corgelas
  118. Hans Junior Mardy
  119. Valery Dorisme
  120. Marie Ducrepin
  121. Sophia Joseph
  122. Nelson Jeantilus
  123. Arthur Dorvil
  124. Lorvens ESTIVERNE
  125. Micheline Torchon
  126. Volcy Saintil
  127. Diego Makenson Romain
  128. Mélineda Jean Baptiste
  129. Dhimy Cadet
  130. Hendy D. RIMPEL
  131. Jean Max Jeune
  132. Rudjeena-lissa Metellus
  133. Merove shool marie ketsheen
  134. Pierre Williamson Michel
  135. Bob Chéry
  136. Samuel Simil
  137. Rodson Monfiston
  138. Jackson Joseph
  139. Ricardeau DORCE
  140. DANIEL Ernso
  141. Jean Bernard François
  142. RENE Marie Anne Dayana
  143. Blondel JEAN NOEL
  144. Gaëlle Stéphanie Garçon 
  145. Wenchely Louis
  146. Marceline Espiègle
  148. Dachka Ridoré
  149. Bernadin Valeus
  150. Jean-Wesly Prenelus
  151. Fannéty Guercin
  152. Rose Fadjia Leila Joseph
  153. Jimmy David Kepler Gentilhomme 
  154. Patrique Antoine Saintilmar
  155. Vander Oliviery Durand 
  156. James Remelus
  157. Ricardy Valcin
  158. Rony kenson Gilet
  159. Jackson Joseph
  160. Cardin Charles
  161. Jean-Marc Lescouflair
  162. Edwin Edouard 
  163. Blondine Leriche
  164. Ermano Nicolas Joseph
  165. William Philippe
  166. Dedlyne Cloiseau
  167. Mars Coralie
  168. Josue Bildad Felix
  169. Léyanah Charles
  170. Stevenson BAZILE
  171. Shnider Pierre 
  172. Marcelin Saintilmar
  173. Bernadette BIEN AIME
  174. Senatus Marie Ludnie
  175. Georges Samuel Charles
  176. Bergson Fleuriste
  177. Chéy Appolon
  178. Patrice Kanndèl Edouard 
  179. Obed Blacker DORVILUS
  180. Stebastien Janvier
  181. Gothie Ridgina PASTEUR
  182. Paola Kehmly Daïana Prévilon
  183. Johnny Fortuné
  184. Claudel Sainvilus
  185. Valierie Alcide
  186. Jean Baptiste Samuel

For more information on how to collaborate, hire or support this initiative, please email the team at hello@globalstartupecosystem.com

Direct forms are here: 

GSE Announces Haiti’s 1st Nation Wide Digital Career Accelerator to Tackle Unemployment in Haiti

Apply now.

About the Program: 

The Haiti Accelerator (Career Edition) is Haiti’s first and only national digital accelerator program created to train and develop Haitians for the digital economy of the future. Selected participants undergo a multi week digital training program, career development coaching and remote internship experience that will equip them to work with top local companies in Haiti or remotely with international companies.

Internship placements will be at any of our 100+ partner network of local Haitian businesses, diaspora businesses or global corporate partners such as (Google, AWS, etc).

Want to Hire and Mentor? Apply Now.

Why now? 

Port au Prince, Haiti. In response to the COVID19 global pandemic, Haiti Tech is kicking off a national and global response plan by launching a 3 part initiative tackling the country’s challenges around rising unemployment. Haiti Tech will bring together all previous sponsors, partners, speakers and stakeholders to  accelerate employment opportunities within the country and revitalize the local economy via the country’s first nation wide digital accelerator for career development. 

For historical context, Haiti Tech Summit was launched in 2017 with a 13 year  mission to transform Haiti into a global hub via technology. With the world having to operate remotely and virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic – more stakeholders now fully understand why tech is not only a tool to accelerate Haiti but of vital importance to sustain Haiti during this crisis. Within the past 3 years- Haiti’s tech ecosystem not only stands as the #1 ecosystem in the Caribbean but has also welcomed the launch of initiatives by Airbnb, Google, Facebook and many more due to their work with the Haiti Tech Summit. 

How to join this initiative? 

For 2020, Haiti Tech is going beyond startup/SME ecosystem development and providing practical funding and support to tackle the growing unemployment crisis that will soon further cripple the Haitian economy. Haiti Tech is launching the country’s first Haiti Accelerator (Career Edition) to not only train Haiti’s workforce for the digital economy of the future but to also increase the employment capacity of the country. More jobs, whether remote or local means more income which leads to a stronger local Haitian economy.

According to World Bank public data records, Haiti’s official unemployment is at 13.7%. Unfortunately this will increase dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic as more layoffs occur across the country. Our young professionals are going to be some of the hardest hit groups; facing a challenging time entering the labor market. 

The initiative will kick off on June 5th (the original scheduled date of the 4th edition of Haiti Tech Summit) with a press conference and stakeholder meeting with the country’s leading influencers. This annual kick off meeting will be followed by a 30 day fundraising campaign, where the funds will be used to support local citizens who can not afford accessing the free virtual training and career program. The digital accelerator program dates are July 6-30, 2020.

All funders and investors will be invited to meet with the program cohort during the program and will be featured at the digital closing ceremony scheduled for July 31st. 

How to apply for this opportunity? Haiti Career Accelerator Dates: July 6-30th. 

Applications for the program are now open. Who should apply? Deadline June 30th. 

  1. Unemployed citizens, recent graduates, limited work experience individuals who are currently looking for new opportunities. (First Round apply now)
  2. Currently employed citizens who want to improve their career path with up-skilling training and exposure. (Second Round TBA. Submit your application; a second accelerator program will take place for experienced hires). 
  3. Citizens and global diaspora of Haiti- Join the first national service program where you will have the opportunity to give your time and services to a local business, university, government institution, or corporate entity in Haiti. (Third Round TBA. Submit your application; a third program will take place for national service fellows)

This is part of our  long term commitment to Haiti. This 3 part initiative will span the entire year of 2020 and beyond as we commute to revitalize the local economy via our ecosystem summit, local partner programs and now career development training.

If you are interested in partnering or supporting this initiative, email the team via hello@globalstartupecosystem.com

Haiti Tech Summit Team

Powered by GSE

Email: hello@globalstartupecosystem.com. 

This initiative will be funded by the community under the Haiti Tech Fund. This is a $10k fundraising campaign to provide wifi, and funding support to local citizens who can not afford to work remotely due to lack of access to internet, office tools, and private space. 

Meet the Speaker Line Up for Forbes’ First Digital Startup Accelerator in Nigeria

The Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator (Nigeria Edition) program is a sponsored 4 week digital training to help businesses build and scale their companies for the future. Forbes is looking for experienced companies who are ready to scale and opened the application to all small businesses, startups, and freelancers. The program is free. No equity ask. No obligation. Accepted companies will have access to $100k in free credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. 

200+ companies were selected for the 2020 program. Here are the speakers who will be providing thought leadership and expertise with the cohort:

Speaker Line Up (More to be announced)

  1. Tom Davis Chief Growth Officer at Forbes 
  2. Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard United States Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  3. Einstein Ntim Managing Partner at the Africa Future Fund
  4. Christine Ntim Chief Marketing Officer at Global Startup Ecosystem  
  5. Liz Walsh VP of Marketing at Forbes 
  6. Connor Davis Sales Development Representative at Forbes
  7. Parag Tolia VP of Business Operations at Forbes 
  8. Mary Baru Vice President, Content Strategy & Operations, Growth Team at Forbes
  9. Will Delehanty Senior Manager Demand Generation at Forbes
  10. Chike Ukaegbu CEO@Startup52, UN MIPAD Hall of Fame, Chief Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Advocate, Ex-Presidential Candidate@Nigeria
  11. Ty Heath Global Lead, B2B Institute @ LinkedIn
  12. Aisha Taylor Community Engagement & Partnerships | Google
  13. John-Paul Iwuoha LinkedIn Top Voice/ Founder & CEO at Smallstarter Africa
  14. Josephine Nzerem Director, Venture and Talent, Ashoka Africa
  15. Onajite Emerhor Head, Google for Startups Accelerator Africa & WomenTechmakers SSA at Google
  16. Ryan Foland Digital Speaker and Brand Consultant
  17. Busie Matsiko-Andan Global Strategy Consultant at Pont Global
  18. David Steinacker Head of SSA, Online Partnerships Group, Emerging Markets at Google 
  19. Dr Anino Emuwa FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR Avandis Consulting/ Strategy Coach Cartier Women’s Initiative
  20. Ibukun Onitiju Head of Digital, Nestlé Central & West Africa
  21. Olufunbi Falayi Passion Incubator (PI) is a technology incubator and accelerator with expertise in technology product investments.
  22. Dr Are AbdulHafiz Chief Executive Officer at The SmartHUB Nigeria
  23. UwemUwemakpan Lagos Chapter Director Startup Grind
  24. Wole Odetayo Co-Founder/Executive Director- http://wennovationhub.com/
  25. Chinedu Enekwe Co-Founder at Stealth Early Stage Growth Venture Fund
  26. Lexi Novitske Principal, Investment Officer – Acuity Venture Partners
  27. Maya Horgan Famodu Founder & Partner at Ingressive Capital
  28. Bunmi Akinyemiju CEO Venture Garden Group 
  29. Collins Nnabugwu Special Envoy, State of African Diaspora
  30. Gary Whitehill Global Transformation Maverick/ Future Sub-Saharan Africa
  31. Mimshach Obioha Executive Director at Ventures Platform Foundation
  32. Tito Ovia Co-Founder/Head of Growth at Helium Health
  33. Faiz Bashir CEO at FlexiSAF 
  34. Jennifer Foltz Public Affairs Officer at U.S. Department of State- Nigeria 
  35. Marcus Damas Founder, Fueled by Culture
  36. Marcus Noel Founder, ICON
  37. Michael  Akindele Startup Advisor | Digital Transformation Specialist
  38. Jhonson Napoleon Social Media Influencer
  39. Cherae Robinson CEO, Tastemakers Africa
  40. Gary Whitehill Global Transformation Maverick/ Future Sub-Saharan Africa

To get involved as an applicant, speaker, mentor, or partner, email the team at hello@globalstartupecosystem.com.

Call for Votes: Featuring Entrepreneurs at the Forbes Nigeria Summit

Forbes Announces Selection of Companies for Its 1st Digital Startup Accelerator in Nigeria

We are pleased to announce the selected companies for Forbes’ first digital startup accelerator (Nigeria Edition). These 150+ companies represent almost every major industry in Nigeria. 

The Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator (Nigeria Edition) program is a sponsored 4 week digital training to help businesses build and scale their companies for the future. Forbes is looking for experienced companies who are ready to scale and opened the application to all small businesses, startups, and freelancers. The program is free. No equity ask. No obligation. Accepted companies will have access to $100k in free credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. 

Congratulations to the selected cohort: 

  1. Alabian Solutions Ltd
  2. Touchcore Technology Limited
  3. Neohaul Technologies
  4. Riltouche and Sparkles Ltd
  5. reQuid Technologies Ltd
  6. Bamboo
  7. Gricd
  8. Diimtech
  9. Pillarcraft
  10. Cyhermes Limited
  11. Palment Business Solutions
  12. CynbaNews
  13. Wealth Tech
  14. Farmers’ Corner  
  15. Vinsighte
  16. Traindemy
  17. Arnergy
  18. FarmKonnect Agribusiness Nigeria Limited
  19. The Eat Drink Media Company
  20. PalmPay
  21. Firstlincoln Technologies
  22. Gradely
  23. Chaka
  24. Betensured Group
  25. Citizens Gavel
  26. ePoultry.NG
  27. CodeLn
  28. Arewa Kasuwa & Logistics
  29. Africave, Inc
  30. Scrapays Technologies Ltd
  31. Publiseer
  32. Naija Startups
  33. ParkWellWell
  34. Agrilet Limited
  35. ForaDux
  36. First Medtrade Africa
  37. Workload.ng
  38. Skooleeo Technology
  39. Quba Exchange
  40. kolopay
  41. HostNowNow Limited
  42. TrepAfrica Innovation Space
  43. Revocube Technologies Limited
  44. ShapShap
  45. Despatch NG
  46. Vesicash Innovative Technologies
  47. ProximateAGRO Solutions
  48. Mobilecooks https://mobilecooks.com.ng/
  49. InstiQ
  50. Safehouse Innovative Solutions Limited
  51. Greenera Technologies
  52. Schucks Media Ltd
  53. Ikonik
  54. Uduaa
  55. Experis Immersive
  56. HouseAfrica https://houseafrica.io
  57. Staffbus Integrated Technologies
  58. Innovantics LTD  
  60. Filta.NG
  61. Curacel
  62. Fresible Music
  63. Edves
  64. Wellvis
  65. Mazzuma
  66. ResearchRound
  67. OneHealth
  68. Virtouscore limited
  69. Minestake Technologies
  70. Retailar
  71. Viostec
  72. Cashbudy Nigeria
  73. Farmsby Limited
  74. Biko.ng
  75. Corpreneur
  76. GoPaxy
  77. Vasiti.com
  78. Liveizy ltd
  79. Button
  80. Yuli Interior
  81. Fuerte Technology Solutions
  82. TechBridge Consulting Limited
  83. Roqqu
  84. Cash Your Passion, Africa
  85. Olamax Exchange
  86. TrueSaver Limited
  88. Damisa Gurus Ltd
  90. Paperbags by Ebees
  92. Manna
  93. Bookers International Schools
  94. Hygeen & Integrated Services
  95. Solar Sister Entrepreneurs Nigeria Ltd/Gtee
  96. Energy4All Ventures Limited www.energy4all.com.ng
  97. NexusMesh
  98. Seams
  99. Biostar Green Solutions
  100. Greenspace Recycling Services Limited
  101. CutStruct Technology Limited
  102. HomeClass Nigeria
  103. Farmers Gate Trading Nigeria LTD https://www.farmersgate.ng/
  104. Smiley Socks Company
  105. Palette Business Solutions / Techland
  106. E-ESTATES
  107. The Silver Castle
  108. Preskriber Health Tech
  109. Farmz2U
  110. Medics2You
  111. Agrinotech.co
  112. Farmspeak Technology
  113. Analytics Intelligence
  114. Kalibotics
  115. Gotlodge  
  116. Chekkit Technologies
  117. Jimbo Jobs
  118. Solarflares Energy Limited
  119. Go Ads
  120. Brainy Educare
  121. Flat Freight Global Logistics Limited
  122. Privi Test  
  123. FastPace Logistics Limited
  124. Simbi Interactives
  125. esopos
  126. Finaclusion
  127. Eatonhill Investment Ltd
  128. Payu Limited
  129. Finance Life Technologies Limited (trading as Riby)
  130. Thinkshifts
  132. Things4rent Ltd
  133. Powerstove Offgrid Electricity Limited [POEL]
  134. Live SmartCity Technology Development
  135. 3LOGY
  136. Pickmeup services
  137. Kasuwa online
  138. Spendify Technologies
  140. Indigo Feeds Company Nig Ltd
  141. The Paper Packaging Company
  142. Afrozo
  143. Wikiwriters Nigeria
  144. Cartehub Africa
  145. Ligo smart city Ltd
  146. Lumi Pro Tech
  147. Nigenius
  148. Okike Media
  149. Crediometer
  150. Wificombat Academy
  151. NUDC
  152. Digital Adplanet
  153. HoBeei
  154. Etradefair expo
  155. Elcutiee Services Limited
  156. Efarmagro enterprise Nigeria limited
  157. Glams Concepts Limited
  159. Bodylikemilk
  160. Infibranches Technologies Limited
  161. Hubryde Limited
  162. Sewexpress
  163. Triangle Educational Foundation
  164. CardCentre Nigeria Limited
  165. TinX studio’s
  166. Onibata mall
  167. Konar App Innovations
  168. Next Professionals Mentoring Initiative of Nigeria
  169. OncrackTV
  170. Nuban Beauty Ltd
  171. Vybe
  173. Clique
  174. Steripro Nigeria Limited
  175. Vows and Vendors
  176. ICreate Evolution Africa
  177. Payattitude
  178. DriversNG
  180. Josla
  181. Akiddie
  182. FarmFunded
  183. farmer first tech agro ltd
  184. InvestNaira (Ark Builders Compound Enterprise Limited)
  185. Housemates Technologies LTD
  186. WATU Financial Technologies Ltd
  187. Scuudu Labs
  188. Mytrip Nigeria limited
  189. HighTable Africa
  190. Alerzo
  192. Farm Fresh Grocery
  193. Treeple Cloud Digital Agency
  194. Cinematix
  195. Teens Can Blog
  196. PENG
  197. Projaro Digital Services Limited
  198. Agrolush NG
  199. ahraha.com
  200. ForeLearner Concept Limited

For more information check out our website at https://forbes8.forbes.com/nigeriaaccelerator or inquire for partnership opportunities via Hello@globalstartupecosystem.com.