Europe Future Summit Returns for 2nd Annual Edition During UNGA Week

ATTN: 2nd Annual Europe Future Summit

DATE: September 25, 2020 @ 11am-2pm EST.

LOCATION: World Wide – Online

MEMO: An initiative hosted during the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly Week (UNGA WEEK)  In partnership with Forbes, SAP Next Gen, Linkedin, and the Global Startup Ecosystem

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The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Europe Future Summit- to take place virtually on September 25,2020 in alignment with the United Nations General Assembly Week. 

The Europe Future Summit is an annual event that celebrates, connects, and empowers the European stakeholder  community through networking, dialogue, culture, and much more. In a time when the region is facing newfound challenges, now is the time to start the dialogue on the true future of Europe. 

The program structure is action packed with debate round tables, workshops, interactive demos, partner matching, networking sessions  and expert panels. During the course of activities, speakers frontier tech investments, startup development and ecosystem building. The program concludes with a high profile call to action virtual session with summit speakers, sponsors and partners. 

As a high level premier summit, we curate an active network of investors, tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and business moguls tackling questions such as: How prepared are governments for the digital era? What reskilling and upskilling programs are in place and where? How can collaborations and partnerships between the public and private sector can bolster economic growth, reduce emigration and improve life quality. What the pandemic means for emerging local business ecosystems?

As  an affiliate to the Global Startup Ecosystem; Europe Future Summit boast a speaker network that includes: Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter), Ben Horowitz (Investor Twitter, Facebook), Tim Draper (Investor in Skype, Hotmail etc); Naveen Jain (Founder of Moon Express, Viome etc.); Current President of Haiti Jovenel Moise; Vicky Jeudy from Netflix Orange is the New Black;  and VP+CEOs from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and more. 

About Europe Future Summit: Europe Future Summit is the world’s most iconic summit curating an active network of investors, tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and business moguls. Each year the program gathers 1000 pioneers from across Europe and around the world to address and tackle challenges that affect the region’s future. The summit serves as a platform for influencers who are sourcing innovative solutions and partners that leverage exponential technology to accelerate Europe as a center for business innovation and impact. 

Europe Future Summit Media Team



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Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Launches Her Future Accelerator – the World’s First Digital Personal Branding Career Accelerator for Women.

The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is pleased to announce the Her Future Accelerator – the world’s first digital personal branding career accelerator for women. The program is designed to engage, train, and prepare women for business disruption and digital careers. From personal branding strategy to remote career planning to mental resilience coaching- the program will be a historic experience with the aim of galvanizing the next generation of future female industry pioneers. 1 million women will be trained over the next decade via this program. 

Apply via:

In a time of exponential change and disruption, the 2020 global pandemic has launched the world’s largest global real time experiment centered around digital livelihood and remote work. Women have historically been marginalized across various industries and with tech quickly becoming a powerful equalizer, this program is designed to empower women with the training, resources, and network needed to accelerate their careers. The 4 week program will include 4 content tracks which include the following: 

  • Personal Branding Strategy (How to build and monetize a personal brand in the digital age)
  • Career Development Strategy (How to build a remote work digital career )
  • Business Development Strategy (How to build a resilient remote business in the digital world)
  • Mental Health and Resilience (How to prioritize balance, happiness and well being in a digital world) 

With the successful launch of the iconic Her Future Summit in March 2020 featuring 100 speakers, 3600 digital delegates and 4 million media impressions, the Global Startup Ecosystem returns with this 4 week program that will select women from around the world working in diverse careers to prepare them for the future.The Her Future Summit aims to identify, train, and empower the next generation of female pioneers. The Her Future Summit series was launched in to accelerate humanity’s success with Sustainable Development Goal #5- Gender Equality and has quickly become the fastest growing platform for women in tech. With a followup accelerator program, women will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice. 

Applications close September 28th and program starts on October 1st, 2020. Apply now. 

For partnerships and sponsorship inquiries, please contact the team via . 

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Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator (Nigeria Edition) Welcomes Ecosystem Supporters

We are pleased to announce the first wave of partners and supporters who announced Forbes’ first digital startup accelerator (Nigeria Edition). These ecosystem leaders represent the media, accelerators, incubators, events, and entrepreneur communities of Nigeria. 

The Forbes Digital Startup Accelerator (Nigeria Edition) program is a sponsored 4 week digital training to help businesses build and scale their companies for the future. Forbes is looking for experienced companies who are ready to scale and opened the application to all small businesses, startups, and freelancers. The program is free. No equity ask. No obligation. Accepted companies will have access to $100k in free credits and perks from AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud. 

Thank you to the following supporters: 

  1. AWS 
  2. IBM Cloud 
  3. Google Cloud 
  4. VC4A 
  5. Ventures Africa 
  6. MEST
  7. Nigeria 
  8. Ventures Platform
  10. Startup Africa
  11. BusinessDay
  12. The Agile Advisor Africa
  13. SME Peaks
  14. GCL 
  15. fofx Academy
  16. Hub30
  17. CFA Media
  18. TechQuest STEM Academy
  19. Complete Sports
  20. StartupNG
  21. Newswire
  22. Techative
  23. DNB Stories
  24. Jarus Hub
  25. Naijabizcom
  26. TechAtLast
  27. Bloogify 
  28. Africa Action
  29. Enterprise Development Center (Pan-Atlantic University)
  30. GEN Nigeria
  31. TechCultureNG
  32. Intermarc Consulting
  33. Digital Africa
  34. Wennovation Hub
  35. Nigeria Innovation Summit (Tech Trends)
  36. Africa Innovation Academy
  37. Hub Aspire
  38. Itanna
  39. Edmoss
  40. Startup Arewa
  41. Cube Hub
  42. Dominion Consulting 
  43. Lady Prowess
  44. Promos in Nigeria
  45. Richee Tech
  46. Lasgidi Reporters
  47. Laila’s Blog
  48. NIPC Nigeria
  49. SME Digest
  51. TooXclusive
  52. 360Nobs
  53. Wothappen 

The second wave of supporters will be announced in mid June. For more information check out our website at or inquire for partnership opportunities via

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Her Future Summit Speaker Resources

GSE Covid Resources Tracker

Welcome to the public database for Covid19 resources. (Updated Daily)

Free Resource – 10 Techniques For Leading A Home-Based Team Leading, managing or overseeing a group of home-based workers is very different than having everyone at the office. The dynamics are different and although technology can help us communicate, it cannot replace some of the human interactions that happen when people are physically together. Future Point of View noticed a gap in the information circulating online regarding practical guidance on navigating the transition to a home-based team for, and thus, created this free, comprehensive (29 page!) resource. >> Click Here To Access This Free Resource 

Free Virtual Session – Process Mapping 101 – Blueprinting 

Businesses need clear and informative visuals to plan for necessary technology changes and improvements, and executives need a solid understanding of how technology changes will affect critical areas of technology systems. Blueprints provide a common language that bridges the gap between IT and business team. Learn more about this game-changing strategy approach in Future Point of View’s next update on April 29 at 2-3:30pm CT.  >> Click Here To Register For This Free Virtual Session

Articles: Product Donation Program: Force & Workforce Development: Free online learning platform

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GSE Community
  • Her Future Summit On Demand Access: the videos and notes via our private digital community
  • GSE Private Community: Its not just access to the Her Future Summit content. You will have access to the entire GSE community which includes digital meetups, trainings and more. The next digital meetup is next Friday with the CMO at Global Startup Ecosystem- Christine Ntim on “How to Leverage Virtual Events to Network and Build Your Remote Career”. 

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Announces Agenda and Speaker Line Up for Virtual Global Event Her Future Summit on March 31st

March 27, 2020 [New York, USA] Her Future Summit powered by the Global Startup Ecosystem is pleased to announce the final speaker line up, agenda and featured companies for the iconic annual program that will take place virtually with 1000+ digital delegates on March 31st. 

Free RSVP:

The Her Future Summit aims to identify, train, and empower the next generation of female pioneers. The Her Future Summit series was launched in to accelerate humanity’s success with Sustainable Development Goal #5- Gender Equality and has quickly become the fastest growing platform for women in tech. 

Forbes Feature

The initiative was launched by Wife, Mother and Speaker Christine Ntim who saw a gap in the number of women joining the major tech summits she was hosting around the world. Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Strategies and tech ecosystem builder Ntim, learned how to code during her first pregnancy and wanted to empower other entrepreneurs to build and scale their companies online. The website she coded was the Global Startup Ecosystem which is now the world’s First and Largest digital accelerator hosting virtual programs in 90+ countries and tech events in 50+ cities a year. 

Event fan page. Over 2000+ attendees!

In 2018 the Her Future Summit was launched in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In 2019 the series expanded to three main cities including New York (USA), London (UK), Accra (Ghana). The success of these previous launches led to a scale up initiative with 88 partners for 2020 where Her Future Summit was scheduled to take place in 7 global cities-Washington, DC (USA), Silicon Valley (USA), New York (USA), Accra (Ghana), Port-au-Prince (Haiti), London (UK), and Dubai (UAE) throughout the month of March.  

The World’s First Celebrity Robot

Thus the 2020 summit will be a virtual program with 50 speakers on the kick-off day of the summit and 1000 digital delegates on March 31, 2020. This will be the largest virtual summit for women to date featuring digital stakeholders from over 60+ countries. The summit also serves to teach fundamentals of future technology and the leading social impact applications of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Nanotechnology, Space, and Blockchain technologies. 

Keynote speaker from our Diamond Presenting Sponsor

The top 50 speakers announced for the program represent the most innovative organizations from different industry sectors. The list includes: 

  1. H.E. Ambassador Lana Marks Ambassador of South Africa to the United States 
  2. Dr. Lisa Coleman Senior Vice-President for Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation and Chief Diversity Officer at (NYU) New York University
  3. Sophia World’s First Robot Celebrity; Hanson Robotics’ most advanced human-like robot
  4. Dr. Terri Cooper   Chief Inclusion Officer at Deloitte  
  5. Jenny Lawton Chief Innovation Officer at Tech Stars
  6. Christine Ntim Chief Marketing Officer- at Global Startup Ecosystem
  7. Liz Walsh Vice President – Growth Marketing @ Forbes 
  8. Samantha Skey Chief Executive Officer at She Media
  9. Deborah Jackson Founder and CEO at Plum Alley
  10. Ann Rosenberg SVP & Global Head of SAP Next-Gen & Running the SAP Innovation Space
  11. Aisha Taylor Community Engagement & Partnerships at Grow with Google       
  12. Sandra Moerch-Petersen Chief Content Director, Purpose and Brand Experience at SAP
  13. Einstein Ntim Partner at Africa Future Fund
  14. Amira Alfa Senior Manager of Corporate Engagement at United Nations Global Compact
  15. Tríona Byrne Snr Director – Strategic Relations, EMEA |
  16. Sabrina Tharani Director of Partnerships, Mastercard Start Path
  17. Ty Heath Global Lead, The B2B Institute @ LinkedIn
  18. Chinwe Esimai Managing Director – Chief Anti-Bribery & Corruption Officer at Citibank
  19. Lisette Barbero Investment Officer at Inter American Development Bank
  20. X. Eyee Global Outreach Lead – Responsible Innovation at Google Ai
  21. Charlotte Anabelle de Brabandt 30under30 Megawatt winner, TEDx Speaker, Author, Technology Speaker and Host
  22. David Chen Chief Financial Officer at Hanson Robotics
  23. Effie Kilmer Program Manager, Azure Global Engineering – Financial Services at Microsoft
  24. Lynn Loacker Partner in Charge at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  25. DJ Forza Director of Partnerships and Collaboration at World Alliance of YMCA
  26. Kim Walsh Global VP, HubSpot for Startup at Hubspot
  27. Hollie Haggans Global Partnerships leader building brand, culture & community
  28. Lisette Barbero Investment Officer at Inter American Development Bank
  29. Erika Murdock Balbuena Global Head of Impact Computing at Amazon Web Services
  30. Iynna Halilou Global Programs Manager at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator
  31. Kwena  Mabotja Sub-Sahara Africa Director at SAP Next-Gen
  32. Ilana Fass US FinTech Platform Lead, Barclays Ventures
  33. Asra Nadeen President, Draper University & Investor, DraperU Ventures
  34. Regina Njima Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kizo Ventures | Host SingularityU Kenya Summit
  35. Kate Anderson Co-founder of IFundWomen
  36. Amy Nelson Founder and CEO of The Riveter
  37. Ryan Foland Author of Ditch The Act
  38. Victoria Repa CEO & Co-Founder of BetterMe
  39. Carolina Castro Lead, Equalithons at Essteem
  40. Efe Ukala Founder at ImpactHER/ VP, Assistant General Counsel at JPMorgan
  41. Anie Akpe Founder at African Women In Tech (AWIT)
  42. Lucinda Cross President at Activate WorldWide LLC
  43. Jhonson Napoleon CEO at Azure College
  44. Gina Kloes Founder at Gina Kloes International
  45. Stacie Sussman Chief Technology Officer at SSR Digital Group
  46. Mary Clavieres Founder & CEO, The Transitions Collective –
  47. Jamie Lieberman Owner at Hashtag Legal
  48. Fernanda Dobal Co-Founder at Bia.Care
  49. Kristi DePaul CEO at Founders Marketing
  50. Busie Matsiko-Andan Strategy Consultant & Outreach Specialist
  51. Liz Gulliver Co-Founder, Kunik
  52. Sehreen Noor Ali Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Visible Health
  53. Andra Stanciu Head of Partnerships at the Global Startup Ecosystem 
  54. Christina Glancy Head of Community at the Global Startup Ecosystem 
  55. Kami Arkorful Head of Outreach at Ghana Tech Summit 
  56. Abigail Amsab Tetteh Outreach Lead at Global Startup Ecosystem 
  57. Leticia Boateng Outreach Lead at Global Startup Ecosystem 
  58. Rose Désaugust Head of Health Tech at Haiti Tech Summit 
  59. Annette White-Klososky Founding Partner at Future Point of View

Covid19 Relief: Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Provides a Daily Real Time Open Database of 1000+ Grants, Resources, Relief Funds and Announcements

To support, businesses, individuals and communities effected by COVID19, GSE is providing a live open database of resources. The spreadsheet is updated daily with inputs from the global community.

We will add remote work tools, top strategy tips and more resources to the spreadsheet next week!

Access the Spreadsheet here.