Forbes Digital Accelerator

About Forbes

The Forbes mission is to provide entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across the globe with greater access to opportunity by supporting, resourcing, impacting, inspiring and equipping each stage of their success journey. Access 3,500+ videos and find inspiration, motivation, advice and actionable resources that will yield business and personal growth.

Why the Forbes Accelerator?

Forbes and Global Startup Ecosystem announce a Digital Startup Accelerator program in Nigeria. The free virtual accelerator will welcome 100 top companies from Nigeria. Founders selected for the program will undergo four intensive weeks of digital training to help build and scale their companies for the future.

How to apply?

The Forbes digital accelerator programs are open to all small businesses, startups, and freelancers. Startups can apply for admission to the Forbes digital accelerator on a rolling basis between May 5th- May 26th. The program is free. No equity ask. No obligation.

Overview of the digital accelerator

The 2020 accelerator dates are: June 2-25, 2020 between the hours of 2pm-5pm Nigeria time are:

Week 1 

  • June 2nd- Orientation 
  • June 3rd- Bootcamp Training 
    • GSE Ideation and Product Development
    • GSE Customer Acquisition & Growth Hacking
    • GSE Marketing: Press Hacking, Social Media, Content Strategy
  • June 4th Bootcamp Training 
    • GSE Marketing: Press Hacking, Social Media, Content Strategy
    • GSE Funding & Pitching: How to Raise $250k+ in 6 Months
    • GSE Future: How to Prepare for the Startup of the Future 

Week 2 

  • Mental health & Resilient Entrepreneurship 
  • Leveraging Your Community to Scale with Mentors 
  • Personal branding for Entrepreneurs 


Week 3 

  • June 16 How to Effectively Start a Business That Solves Global Challenges 
  • June 17 Leveraging Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 
  • June 18 Financial literacy of the Future 


Week 4 

  • June 23 Recap and Pitch Preparation 
  • June 24 Forbes 
  • June 25 Demo Day via Forbes  Nigeria Summit