Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Opens For Investment via Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

[New York, USA, June 29, 2021] Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE), the World’s 1st digital talent career accelerator platform, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign via the Start Engine platform  https://www.startengine.com/global-startup-ecosystem.  

Currently revolutionizing the recruitment sector, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) has already achieved significant success by offering SME and large institutions a unique platform to source and train tech talent from emerging markets entirely online. It’s subscriber base has grown to 258,000, which was doubled during the 2020 pandemic year. 

GSE plans to continue expansion into high growth markets across Africa and the Caribbean in countries such as Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia and increase its diversity programs for blacks and women in the USA over the next few years with the launch of its community app. The company has already supported top level clients such as Linkedin, Google, SAP, Microsoft, Mastercard, Intuit, Facebook, US State Department and more. 

With an ambitious growth plan, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is now looking for shareholders to invest in the next stages to support business growth and expansion.  It will use the funds raised to further develop the platform to improve site functionality and experience as well as integrate artificial intelligence capabilities to provide users with customized career path resources). The minimum investment starts at $158. 

The Founder and CEO Christine Ntim said that “we have been piloting digital career accelerator programs in emerging markets for years. With remote work becoming a staple part of company talent growth strategy, platforms like Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) that source, train and prepare tech talent will continue to experience high demand. We aim to be a one-stop shop that enables individuals to source remote job opportunities while undergoing the precise training requirements for companies”. GSE solves the problem of simplifying the recruitment process for corporations sourcing talent in emerging markets and emerging communities.

By opening up its doors, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) hopes to attract shareholders who are passionate about technology and who want to help influence the way we work. With the emphasis on making shareholders feel truly valued, its hope that those who choose to invest will have a significant and meaningful impact on shaping the future of work in the digital age. 

To learn more about Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) and the opportunity for equity investment during the current limited-time funding round, please visit https://www.startengine.com/global-startup-ecosystem 

About Global Startup Ecosystem: 

Media Contact: KofiBaah  partner@globalstartupecosystem.com 

Website: www.globalstartupecosystem.com 

About Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is an education tech recruitment company. With a mission to prepare millennial and future generations for the digital age. GSE brings together both private and public stakeholders to address humanity’s greatest workforce challenges. The platform hosts a series of employer customised accelerator programs, global tech summit gatherings and skills training programs for its membership community. As home to the world’s first digital talent career accelerator program, GSE supports a fast growing network of remote tech professionals. GSE aims to up skill 1 billion people by 2030. 

About Start Engine:  Start Engine is one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms in the U.S., where everyday people can find and invest in early-growth companies and startups. Start Engine has helped more than 350 companies raise $150M+ from a community of over 250,000 prospective investors. Based in Los Angeles, the company was created in 2015 by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision, and Ron Miller.

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