Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Welcomes Christine Ntim as CEO to focus Company Mission on Upskilling Millennials for the Future of Work

[New York, USA, June 4, 2021] Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) was founded by serial entrepreneur Christine Ntim who will now take on a new role as the Chief Executive Officer and spearhead the company’s evolving focus on tackling the current global unemployment crisis and workforce challenges. 

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is well known as a platform for accessing emerging tech hubs and sourcing tech talent from all over the world. The future of work is now here and as one of the fastest growing private companies upskilling millennial talent from around the world, in particular in emerging markets countries such as Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia etc and emerging communities in the United States targeting women and people of color, GSE is now poised to expand its efforts in workforce development as a market leader. 

During the pandemic, Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) experienced a huge spike in subscribers growing from 117,000 members to 258,000+. The company also experienced a surge in demand from institutional clients searching for platforms that can source tech talent via Global Startup Ecosystem’s  pioneering digital accelerator program structure. For example,  applications for their career accelerator programs targeting Nigeria welcomed 62,000+ applications for only 1000 spots.  The same demand is happening for other high growth countries as more millennials see the GSE platform as more relatable, practical and community centric. GSE has already supported supranational clients such as Forbes, Linkedin, US State Department, Microsoft and more.  

The demand will continue to grow as the global unemployment crisis continues with talent shortages becoming a huge workforce challenge for fortune 1000 companies. 400-800 million jobs could be displaced by 2030 according to McKinsey Global Institute’s latest report. Korn Ferry predicts a coming global human talent shortage of more than 85 million people. Freelancers Union predicts that over 50% of US workers will be freelancing by 2027. And according to recruiter Robert Half, 94% of global business leaders are sourcing contractors from online digital job platforms. These numbers are only accelerating as a post pandemic remote work world continues to unfold. 

The Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) mission is to prepare millennials and future generations for the digital age and aims to fulfil the objective of upskilling 1 billion people by 2030 under the leadership of Christine Ntim. 

About Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is a tech recruitment company that is building the tech workforce of the future. With a mission to prepare millennials and future generations for the digital age, the ai powered platform hosts a series of employer customized career accelerator programs, global tech summit gatherings in emerging markets, and several skills training programs for its membership community. As home to the world’s first digital talent career accelerator program, the company supports the sustainable development goals of workforce empowerment and aims to upskill 1 billion people by 2030.

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