Global Startup Ecosystem Hosted Global Health Summit With 25 Speakers and 1000 Delegates As Part of Its Covid-19 Response

Global Startup Ecosystem Launches Global Health Summit As Part of Its Covid19 Response Initiative To Prepare Professionals for the Future

ATTN: Global Health Summit 

DATE: May 28, 2020 

LOCATION: Virtual Program

MEMO: An initiative hosted by the Global Startup Ecosystem in partnership Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Cloud, Hubspot

In Response to Coronavirus Outbreak- Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Announces “Global Health Summit” Virtual Edition with 25 Speakers and 1000 Digital Delegates  

The Global Health Summit is an international virtual program featuring 25 motivational speakers, healthcare experts and cultural icons addressing 1000 digital delegates in real time. It’s leading mission is to spark conversation on pandemic preparedness and to raise the social consciousness of global health in 2020 and beyond. The virtual live series featured a range of pertinent topics that seek to empower and enable stakeholders to address the third sustainable development goal of Health and Wellbeing for all. 

The Global Health Summit launches at the start of a new decade during an unprecedented and uncertain time in global healthcare. This edition of the Global Health Summit will serve to highlight some of the most pressing contemporary global health challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 national strategy, mental health ecosystems, and other pertinent topics in healthcare that are currently taking the back stage such as (nutritional health, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc). The summit will also address topics such as globalization, crisis management, pandemic equipment devices, food security, and workforce shortages, technological disruptions, vaccine wars, 5G conspiracies, Future of Work and more. 

Speaker Line Up 

  1. Jennifer Radin Healthcare Chief Innovation Officer and Future of Work Leader at Deloitte Consulting
  2. Raja Rajamannar Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and President, Healthcare Business, at Mastercard
  3. Daniel Kraft Physician-Scientist. Chair for Medicine at Singularity Univ & Founder & Chair, Exponential Medicine
  4. Liz Walsh VP of Marketing at Forbes Magazine
  5. Erdogan Cesmeli Head, Go to Market for Watson Health Hybrid & Multicloud Ecosystem at IBM Watson Health
  6. Asif Dhar Principal/Partner and Chief Health Informatics Officer at Deloitte 
  7. Dr. Lisa Coleman Senior Vice-President for Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation and Chief Diversity Officer at (NYU) New York University
  8. Aubrey de Grey Chief Science Officer of the SENS Research Foundation and VP of New Technology Discovery at AgeX Therapeutics, Inc
  9. Einstein Ntim CEO at Global Startup Ecosystem 
  10. Rafael Grossmann Surgeon/Healthcare Futurist/Educator/ Faculty Member at Singularity University 
  11. Christine Ntim CMO at Global Startup Ecosystem 
  12. Sabine Bernard Senior Associate Global Health at United Nations Foundation
  13. DJ Forza Director of Partnerships and Collaboration at World Alliance of YMCA
  14. Shafi Ahmed Surgeon. Futurist. Innovator. Advisor in Digital Health Transformation and Innovation- Department of Health Abu Dhabi
  15. Amos Winbush III CEO, AW3 Media Global Group| Co-Founder, Forbes8
  16. Dennis Walto Chief Executive Officer at the Children’s Health Fund
  17. Skyler Badenoch Chief Executive Officer at Hope for Haiti
  18. Rose Désaugust CEO, HueLixir; Director at GSE Health
  19. Dr Jack Kreindler Physician, Technologist, Investor.; Founder, Medical Director Centre for Health and Human Performance Ltd.
  20. Daryl Woodhouse Mental Health Speaker. Mental Fitness & Productivity Trainer. Non-Executive Director. ABP Founder CEO.

The program also included the Startup Lab Pitch Competition. Every year, the Global Startup Ecosystem invites entrepreneurs to apply to present their companies at major global summits. The GSE Global Health Summit Startup Lab program received over 200+ applications. 12 Semifinalists were selected for the competition. 9,600 people from around the world submitted their votes and 4 finalists with the highest votes were selected to present at the program.

The pitch finalists for the Startup Lab Pitch Competition. 

  • Adeola Alli Co-Founder, OneHealth from Nigeria 
  • Chrismy Augustin Editor in Chief, Zafè Sante from Haiti 
  • Sukmama Akpanusong Family Fitness from Nigeria 
  • Rodeline Joseph Founder of Medsembly and Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant from the USA 

The #1 in Community votes was Adeola Alli. The #1 from the Pitch competition was Rodeline Joseph

The Global Startup Ecosystem will continue its COVID19 response plans to support the global community through this crisis. 

More info via For more information on tickets, sponsorships and partnerships for more programs, please email the team at .

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