GSE Announces Haiti’s 1st Nation Wide Digital Career Accelerator to Tackle Unemployment in Haiti

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About the Program: 

The Haiti Accelerator (Career Edition) is Haiti’s first and only national digital accelerator program created to train and develop Haitians for the digital economy of the future. Selected participants undergo a multi week digital training program, career development coaching and remote internship experience that will equip them to work with top local companies in Haiti or remotely with international companies.

Internship placements will be at any of our 100+ partner network of local Haitian businesses, diaspora businesses or global corporate partners such as (Google, AWS, etc).

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Why now? 

Port au Prince, Haiti. In response to the COVID19 global pandemic, Haiti Tech is kicking off a national and global response plan by launching a 3 part initiative tackling the country’s challenges around rising unemployment. Haiti Tech will bring together all previous sponsors, partners, speakers and stakeholders to  accelerate employment opportunities within the country and revitalize the local economy via the country’s first nation wide digital accelerator for career development. 

For historical context, Haiti Tech Summit was launched in 2017 with a 13 year  mission to transform Haiti into a global hub via technology. With the world having to operate remotely and virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic – more stakeholders now fully understand why tech is not only a tool to accelerate Haiti but of vital importance to sustain Haiti during this crisis. Within the past 3 years- Haiti’s tech ecosystem not only stands as the #1 ecosystem in the Caribbean but has also welcomed the launch of initiatives by Airbnb, Google, Facebook and many more due to their work with the Haiti Tech Summit. 

How to join this initiative? 

For 2020, Haiti Tech is going beyond startup/SME ecosystem development and providing practical funding and support to tackle the growing unemployment crisis that will soon further cripple the Haitian economy. Haiti Tech is launching the country’s first Haiti Accelerator (Career Edition) to not only train Haiti’s workforce for the digital economy of the future but to also increase the employment capacity of the country. More jobs, whether remote or local means more income which leads to a stronger local Haitian economy.

According to World Bank public data records, Haiti’s official unemployment is at 13.7%. Unfortunately this will increase dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic as more layoffs occur across the country. Our young professionals are going to be some of the hardest hit groups; facing a challenging time entering the labor market. 

The initiative will kick off on June 5th (the original scheduled date of the 4th edition of Haiti Tech Summit) with a press conference and stakeholder meeting with the country’s leading influencers. This annual kick off meeting will be followed by a 30 day fundraising campaign, where the funds will be used to support local citizens who can not afford accessing the free virtual training and career program. The digital accelerator program dates are July 6-30, 2020.

All funders and investors will be invited to meet with the program cohort during the program and will be featured at the digital closing ceremony scheduled for July 31st. 

How to apply for this opportunity? Haiti Career Accelerator Dates: July 6-30th. 

Applications for the program are now open. Who should apply? Deadline June 30th. 

  1. Unemployed citizens, recent graduates, limited work experience individuals who are currently looking for new opportunities. (First Round apply now)
  2. Currently employed citizens who want to improve their career path with up-skilling training and exposure. (Second Round TBA. Submit your application; a second accelerator program will take place for experienced hires). 
  3. Citizens and global diaspora of Haiti- Join the first national service program where you will have the opportunity to give your time and services to a local business, university, government institution, or corporate entity in Haiti. (Third Round TBA. Submit your application; a third program will take place for national service fellows)

This is part of our  long term commitment to Haiti. This 3 part initiative will span the entire year of 2020 and beyond as we commute to revitalize the local economy via our ecosystem summit, local partner programs and now career development training.

If you are interested in partnering or supporting this initiative, email the team via

Haiti Tech Summit Team

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This initiative will be funded by the community under the Haiti Tech Fund. This is a $10k fundraising campaign to provide wifi, and funding support to local citizens who can not afford to work remotely due to lack of access to internet, office tools, and private space. 

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