Welcome to the Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE)

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE): is the world’s first digital accelerator and leads today as one of the largest digital ecosystem development platforms. With a mission to educate, inspire and prepare individuals and organizations for the digital age, GSE brings together both private and public stakeholders to address humanity’s greatest challenges via exponential technologies and entrepreneurship.

About Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) Lab

GSE Lab is a division to support corporate innovation. We help companies transform in the digital space. We support and produce digital summits, bootcamps, accelerators, webinars and fairs. Contact our team today via lab@globalstartupecosystem.com.

Check out some of our top GSE LAB Programs of 2020.

We powered Forbes Magazine's- Nigeria's 1st Digital Startup Accelerator!

We worked with the US Embassy of Nigeria- Launched Nigeria's 1st Startup Lab Accelerator!

We worked with the US Embassy of Haiti- Launched Haiti's 1st Startup Lab Accelerator!

We powered Sogebank's First Future of Banking Accelerator Series!