LSE Alumni Association of London (London 2050)

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About LONDON 2050 - The Future of the City

A high profile and exciting series of panel events representing a collaborative effort by the LSE Global Real Estate Group (LSE GREG), Global Startup Ecosystem and LSE Alumni Association London that brings together thought leaders across various sectors to discuss and inspire ideas around the future of the city of London. The event will be split into four panels with the opportunity for audience Q&A.

Launched by LSE Alumni Association London

The LSE alumni community is a global network of 155,000 change makers, leaders and influencers: you have a profound impact on the societies and sectors in which you live and work.

Overview of the Program

The event will be split into four panels with the opportunity for audience Q&A.

AM Sessions

Creating the New London – Urban Change and Community Action

  • Measuring ownership and community rights & what a more inclusive economy would and could look like
  • Navigating the conflicting interests of developers, local governments, and communities
  • COVID-19 and the opportunity to rethink how we understand property and economic development

Arts and Culture of the Future – What does the future hold for London as a cultural capital?

  • What role do technological advancements play in shaping new experiences?
  • How will a post-corona virus London accommodate public events and experiences?
  • How do these issues allow us to consider the continuing role of art and culture in society?

PM Sessions

City of the Future – Technologies that will transform London

  • What are some of the key technologies that will transform the City of London?
  • What are the challenges and opportunities in making London the Smartest City in the world?
  • What will a future London look like and be like to live in?

A Place in the City – A 360 overview of the future of London real estate market

  • The key factors facing the London real estate market going forward
  • Impact of Brexit
  • Impact of Covid-19
  • Government plans to “Build build build”
  • Sustainability and ESG trends – net zero carbon target

Dial in detials to all individual panels and further details of the programme with be provided to ticket holders closer to the date. So don’t miss out!

DATE: 10.11.2020 >>> TIME: 10:00am-4:00pm BST