Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Other Celebs Tell Fans to Stay Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Taylor Swift has a very important message for her fans amidst the coronavirus pandemic: Stay. Home.

The singer spoke out on her Instagram Stories as the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, with a number of American cities (like Los Angeles and New York) placing restrictions on bars and restaurants in an effort to increase social distancing. “Guys, I follow you online and I love you guys so much and need to express my concern that things aren’t being taken seriously enough right now,” she wrote . “I’m seeing lots of get-togethers and hangs and parties still happening. This is the time to cancel plans, actually truly isolate as much as you can, and don’t assume that because you don’t feel sick that you aren’t possibly passing something on to someone elderly or vulnerable to this.

“It’s a really scary time,” Swift added. “But we need to make social sacrifices right now.”

Other celebrities are also pleading with their fan bases to heed the warnings from the CDC—which added new guidelines on March 15 suggesting that all events of more than 50 people be canceled for the next eight weeks.

“I keep hearing from a surprising amount of people statements like ‘this isn’t a big deal’ / ‘we’ll be fine’…‘we still have to go about our lives’ and it’s really blowing my mind,” Ariana Grande wrote on social media. “I understand if that is how u felt weeks ago. but please read about what’s going on. please don’t turn a blind eye.

“It is incredibly dangerous and selfish to take this situation that lightly,” she continued. “The ‘we will be fine because we’re young’ mindset is putting people who aren’t young and / or healthy in a lot of danger. you sound stupid and privileged and you need to care more about others. like now.”

Former POTUS Barack Obama shared a Washington Post article that illustrates why social distancing is so important right now. “Watch this. It shows why we should all do the right thing and stay home to the fullest extent possible. All of us can help slow the spread of the virus, protecting the elderly, the vulnerable, and each other,” he tweeted. “Not everybody can stay home, and we owe a big debt of gratitude to health professionals, transit and airport workers, first responders, and everyone keeping our communities going. Leaders have to step up to support people whose lives and livelihoods take a hit in the weeks ahead.”

Celebrities haven’t just been weighing in with warnings: Many of them are doing what they can to give back during this difficult time. Athletes like Zion Williamson are paying the salaries for the arena staff not working while games are canceled, and Laura Benanti is shining a spotlight on students whose school musicals will no longer be performed.


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